We are building a diverse and professional service area related to drones, 
from drone manufacturing to special drone research and consulting to drone operations and training.

Drone manufacturing service 

- Manufacture of TILT VTOL FIXED WING DRONE that can be used in military, public, agricultural, construction, measurement, and exploration.

Produce various types of drones, such as VTOL fixed-wing drones, fixed-wing drones and rotary-wing drones.


Special Drone R&D/Consulting 

Development and delivery of drone prototypes for various special purposes in the public industry such as weather observation, agriculture, fire prevention, etc.

Development and delivery of automation system applicable to drones such as ground system and long distance telemetric system.

Drone Operational Training Service 

Operational training for all forms of drones.

Training using the WAYPOINT flight system and training piloting in an emergency.