PPK aviation survey using VTOL (Pixhawk-based) is not difficult [2. Prepare drone electronic equipment]

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Today is the second time to prepare and introduce the electronic equipment that goes into VTOL.

1. Select a motor

1-1. Select quad motor: MN5212 420KV

The quad motor chose a product that could withstand twice the weight of the drone on the smallest propeller possible. (Quad motor combined with a maximum thrust of 16 kg)

1-2. Rear motor selection: AT4125 540KV (will use 16X8 propeller)

The rear motor uses a motor with a total weight of 8 kg and can maintain 60-70% thrust when flying a selected fixed wing.

2. 변속기 선정

2-1. Quad Transmission Selection: HOBBYWING XROTOR PRO-50ADUAL

The combination of the transmission and motor is good, and the direction of the motor turn during the transmission function can be changed through the switch. Two LEDs (RED/GREEN) can also be set due to exposure to the wing, knowing the direction of the drone from a long distance.

2-2. Rear transmission selection: AT 75A 6S

It is a transmission selected compared to the thrust of the rear motor, and due to the characteristics of heat generation and electrical noise, it must be exposed to the drone, so the transmission size was selected in the early stages and the drone was manufactured.

This transmission can be applied immediately without modification.

3. Propeller Selection

3-1 Quad Propeller Selection: T-MOTOR P15*5 Prop-2 PCS/PAIR

The quad propeller is stationary when flying on a fixed wing and can cause resistance to the aircraft, which can affect flight performance and flight time. That's why we use a propeller that's the smallest size possible. 

There is also an NS-type light version. The reason for not recommending use is that, unlike multicopters, the propeller stays close to the floor. As a result, external damage can occur, so I recommend a solid version of the propeller.

3-2 Rear Propeller Selection: 15X8 Propeller

The rear propeller may have damage as described above, so we recommend a poly or carbon propeller rather than a wood propeller.

*Never use a folding propeller.

Unlike multicopters, the quad-type propellers often operate again after the motor is completely shut down.

In this case, the folding will not be fully unfolded, which can cause an accident due to reduced thrust.

Propellers that also fold back the rear pusher propellers will experience large vibrations as the propellers unfold when operated in a stationary state.

Vibration can cause cumulative damage to the EPO drone, and FC can also cause malfunctions or problems.

4. Wing Servo  Selection : KINGMAX CLS0612W--23g,digital wing servo

Due to the characteristics of the aircraft, we use the Airon and the elevator together. Therefore, we recommend digital servo because it requires stable performance and high durability.

You can check the figures below and find a similar wing servo and purchase it.

* Please check the screw tightening position because it is a screw tightening method on the servo bed.

5. BEC Selection  :  POWER MODULE PM12S-3

It is a BEC board that can use power sources such as wing servo 6V, RTK 5V, and telemetry equipment (SIYI HM30) 12V at once.

6. Battery Selection: TATTU PLUS 22000 mAh 6S 25C Battery

There are various Lipo batteries, but we selected them because they provide the most appropriate flight time. Unlike batteries that are powered on, they come out from the vertical side, so it can be fastened without interference with the aircraft.

Finally, TMOTOR can be applied to the motor that the motor locking system currently recommended.

If the motor is stationary and the propeller is aligned, it can interfere with the aircraft's flightability and increase the efficiency of the flight time.

The fixed-wing motor propeller locking system can also reduce propeller damage when landing, and can reduce landing problems due to propeller interference when landing.

I recommend this part because it is not a prerequisite.

You can purchase a locking motor by contacting the head office. Please keep that in mind.

"PPK aviation survey using VTOL (Pixhawk-based) is not difficult [2. Prepare drone electronic equipment]" That's it for today.

We'll be back soon with production-related content.

Also, please note that we will share the setting value for FC as well as the production of airframe.

This has been Third Eye Robotics Team.

Thank you.